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Contrarian, Adventurer, Magik Maker, Skarlet is the founder and chancellor of Skolomanche University, expeditioner, mentor, internationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker. She teaches, mentors, speaks, expeditions and writes for a singular purpose: to make magik a palpable real quantum force in people’s lives. To make the impossible possible, the paranormal become normal and fantasy tangible fact in your hands. She does so by busting you out of your illusional matrix of reality, leading you home to your innate quantum magik to re-member how to wield it to create the life and world you truly choose.

But where did this all begin? What catapulted her from the seemingly ordinary into the incomprehensible extraordinary to be able to take you on this journey with her home to your own quantum magik?

Ever suspected that the paranormal is actually normal and magik, far from being simply the province of fairytales, is a palpable tangible reality? Ever experienced things that you just cant explain with logic and yet you know them to be true? Strange synchronicity, things you have made happen that have shocked you. Ever wondered if humans are far more magikal than we have been led to believe? If yes, then let me take you on my journey.

Have you ever suspected that reality is not what it seems
That you are far more magikal than you have been led to believe
Ever known that the paranormal was infact normal

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As a young girl, I experienced the magik of the mysterious paranormal as totally normal.  I could see what others seemingly could not see, I could think of something, foresee it, and it would happen. I could hear what others were saying without them speaking, could call the elements to me. The world was innately magikal to me until a series of events, and peoples perceptions, led me to believe that my ability to experience the world in this way was not normal. That the paranormal was infact something to hide for fear of being seen as crazy, something to be terrified of due to its occult power. With grief, and attempting to comply, I shut down to magik with a vengeance.

Throwing myself into a highly successful career in international banking, trading and financial software, building a very grounded 'normal' life, I seemed to others around me to have the perfect life. From working on the major London Financial Futures (LIFFE) and London Gold Futures (LGFM) exchanges, commodity and bullion trading, fund management and currency derivatives with international trading giants to then project managing, implementing and selling complex global multi-location, multi-million pound strategic financial software solutions for the leading financial software solutions company worldwide, my career sky rocketed. My world looked affluent to all who watched and yet inside I was slowly dying. Why? Because I resolutely refused to entertain any attempted resurgence of the paranormal, something i intrinsically knew was real, until...

One snowbound December's day in Edinburgh castle
when the world, and all of reality, came crashing down around me

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Akin to the classic hero's journey, I attempted to blank out the paranormal experiences of the castle and go back into my normal life, pretending the extraordinary I had just experienced had not happened. But of course that was impossible. A tiny chink had just opened into a phenomenal world that lay beyond the illusion of normality, a world I had tucked away into 'mere fantasy' in my mind for many years. Life began crashing down around me on an epic scale.

Within just weeks I was in Ireland, standing in front of one of the oldest illuminated manuscripts in the world housed in the largest single vault library in the world, and this time there was no coming back from what occurred. Reality peeled back before me in what could only be described as a 'red pill' moment as I witnessed layers of reality unfold before my eyes.

Shocked & disoriented, the quantum magik of the world had opened to me with such a vengeance that I knew
any notion of 'normality' was now forever gone

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Returning to the UK, unable to explain or understand the crazy things happening to me, speaking a strange language I had never previously heard, proporting quantum, cosmological and alkemical principles from nowhere, I immediately walked away from the life I had known to the shock of all around me. I had no choice but to follow the call of the voice deep within me, to follow my intuitive knowing, while all the while feeling like a stranger in my own life.

Within days I woke one stormy night with a story in my mind. Writing through the dark of the night I was astounded in the morning when I finally put down my pen and read back what I had written: a story within a cipher of two alchemists trying to reunite across time and complete what they had once began. I had absolutely no idea at that point what an alchemist was or precisely what scale of magik I had just unleashed, but was soon to find out...

Imagine writing a story only to then experience all the characters and events of your story showing up for real in your life

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Dazed, disoriented, astounded, I began to follow the trail of synchronistic clues laid out for me by the characters and events of my writing that literally showed up in my life in an inexplicable physical phenomenon to lead me on a crazy trail across the globe.  On that journey I met neuro linguists, hermetics, quantum physicists, cosmologists, historians, archaeologists, shamans and mystic sadhu's of the mountains all of whom were amazed at what I was experiencing. Yet they each had a tiny piece of a puzzle to share, a puzzle that was fast forming an overall understanding within me of how it was that every word I spoke or wrote was literally becoming real. Of how it was that the land, the elements and buildings were all somehow alive with the intrinsic magik I was experiencing, unveiling hidden mysteries clues and codes on an exacting alchemical trail to lead me home to my own magik. I was unwittingly prime moving reality, wielding an ancient magik that was underpinned by the physics of quantum entanglement. : Quantum Magik.  I was  fast understanding how it is that every thing I had chosen to create had been creating me to do so, choosing and creating me in return. How this Quantum Magik was innate to us all.

The world, reality, had become a magik playground in which I was simultaneously both the master player and pawn
inside the game experiencing its rollercoaster of emotions

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At a major book launch set up by my publisher to launch a book I was asked to write for India, I was introduced by my publisher to his sadhu who had just returned briefly to Delhi after 23 years tucked away in the Himalayan mountains. This sadhu, shocking me with how he seemd to know everything i was writing and thinking, directed me to go back to the UK and hermit myself away from everything, away from the many global events, mentoring and talks I had been giving, to instead write the trilogy that he said would 'return the shadow man'.  I had no idea what 'return the shadow man' meant but the thought terrified me. What would this story unleash since everything i wrote became real? Yet since this sadhu was the first person I had met who spoke the strange language I had been speaking since the onset of all,  I guessed I should follow his direction and so hermited myself away for 12 months to do so. The story i wrote shook me to my core. It decoded and brought cohesion to the quantum magik hidden within aeons of ancient myth and legend across the globe to unveil what lay beyond the illusions of perceived reality. Could the human be way more powerful than we had been told? Could the human be SuperHuman after all? Story itself was conjuring reality into being and word, the God of each story, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the end of that period, I was contacted by Hollywood who wished to turn this book trilogy into a film trilogy. I found myself in Los Angeles and, in a bizarre synchronistic unfolding, in front of a man at the heart and height of Hollywood society, born into the inner core of one of the most powerful age-old mind-controlling secret underground societies.

To both our shock, we realised we had each written the identical story: a story steeped in mythological fact in which humans were ultimately liberated from the illusions of the mind and returned home to their innate quantum magik. To SuperHuman. We immediately realised that we were the main characters of each others story, speaking the words the other had written, experiencing the extraordinary physical paranormal phenomena of our characters made real whose paranormal power tracked back to mysteries under the Transylvanian Bucegi mountains. As I wrote a story to unite the two, the next shock unfolded as that story, too, became real and in its wake a wonderful new era of the SuperHuman would emerge.

For the first time I had not only met the main character of my story
but equally the man who had quite literally written me into being
in the hands of the same one story


For years many people had reached out to me asking me to establish Skolomanche University through which I could support others to come home to their own extraordinary magik, to construct story that would become real in their hands. I had refused, knowing the alchemical power of story, understanding its ability to enslave or liberate, terrified that I would be instilling yet more enslaving belief system. Yet finally, after the journey I took to understand that all story and its magik lies in the hands of what we choose, I finally established Skolomanche University in full. I had come to understand that what I most feared was in fact what most excited me, my greatest power, what I most respected and loved: Quantum Magik. The university is now a thriving global community of  Magik Makers and together we explore the wonderful experiences of the powerful alkemy in our hands, born of the deep quantum magik inherent within the stories we choose.


"I know, magik is the province of fairytales right? Well what if that's simply not true?" says Realta

"What if magik were not only real, but steeped in quantum principles that showcase alkemy, the tool of magik,

as a tangible, palpable force that quite literally creates reality into being in your hands.

Would you like to understand how, so that you can wield that magik for yourself?"

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